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Daimonosophy presents ideas central to the evolution of EOB (Esoteric Order of Beelzebub), as well as outlines procedures for a magical system promoting Daimonic alignment, and receiving nourishment from higher influences. "Are angels Ideal Models to be emulated? Is the purpose of man to become something greater than he already is?

Vanguard of the Black Flame

A Gateway to the Vanguard of the Black Flame Music by Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom: بعل الذباب


Cosmonaut: The Magician of Beelzebub

The fly is the sign of Beelzebub and the seal of Beelzebub is engraved in his

The eyes of the Cosmonaut are white - this is to me a symbol for the
objective Perspective a Cosmonaut gains by separating the Psyche from the
Subjective Universe and exploring the inner landscape. This perspective makes it possible to separate, identify, and connect with the Daimon.

The triangle in the background is the form of a very powerful and strong
magical technic I learned in the EoB.


The second Being-Obligolnian striving, Chapter 27 in Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson In the defibrillation of the Nine Theses on the Path of the Heart, I have made claims about the central importance of Aim. But what exactly is Aim? The above quote from the Gurdjieff classic is at the core of this question.

Black Horizons Perspectives by Lloyd Keane (Paperback) - Lulu

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Interview with Dr Lloyd Keane

Flambeau Noir proudly presents an interview with Dr. Lloyd Keane. Lloyd Keane, a resident of Ottawa, is a Priest (III°) in the Temple of Set and holds a PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies with a dissertation that presents a Jungian interpretation of the Western Esoteric Tree of Life.

Books published by initiates of the EOB.