The Erbeth Transmissions
Aeons ago, a cosmic race of beings stumbled upone a lonely planet that would one day be called Earth. Who were they? Angels? Demons? Reptilians? Mankind's benefactors? Or perhaps his oppressors? Where did intelligent life originate? Earth? The Moon? Mars? Or perhaps somewhere far beyond the boundaries of our Solar System? Meet Lucifer -- Prince of Darkness, sensation of the Martian entertainment industry and architect of the plan to liberate mankind. Meet Beelzebub -- the incorruptible advisor, interstellar smuggler, and lover of exotic whiskey. Against the backdrop of conflict and collaboratione betweeen various extra-terrestrial races, Erbeth Transmissions examines man's apocryphal origins, contrasting his evolutionary potential against is self-destructive urges and the despairing search for the meaning of his existence.
This book contains many of  the central teachings of the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub. Daimonsophy approaches the questions of consciousness, the Black Flame, the significance of life on Earth and human life in particular, and the probability of humankind's forgotten past with beings of a higher cosmic order. Sakaki 4, a Magister Templi of the Temple of Set and Grand Master of the Order shares many of his ideas, practices, and personal experiences collected over the years.
Table of Contents: Birth of an Esoteric Circle;   Left-Hand Path Esotericism;   The Black Flame;   Beelzebub’s Triangle;   Xeper’s End;   Work in Life and Inner Attentiveness;   Know Your Equipment;   Crystallization;   Cosmic Interventions;   Magnetism and Esoteric Circles;   Origins of the System;   Cultural De-generation;   The Rite of the Yellow Triangle;   HarWer: Holy Reconciling;   Daimonosophy;   The S.E.T. Substance;   Daimonic Process: The Diabolicon;   Magnetism, Substance and Priesthood;  Recommended Reading:  Fourth Way;   Hypnosis and Meta-programming;  Socio-Political;  The Black Flame;  Daimonosophy;   Mass Psychology of Fascism;  Perspectives on the Dog Star
Sirius Workings Volume 2
Like Volume I, Sirius Workings Volume II covers a period of roughly three terrestrial years, and subsequently three annual workings of the EOB. These are the ‘Sirius Workings,’ occurring as annual Order functions, and perhaps constitute the closest thing we have resembling a ‘tradition’ despite the fact that they may vary in regard to length, function, structure, and other particulars. They are for the most part ‘simultaneous’ workings, meaning that the participants are geographically isolated from one another, momentarily connected only by synchronicity and mentation. There are some exceptions to this, as from time to time multiple Cosmonauts will find themselves together at the right place and time, or perhaps will invite non-Order members to participate in the workings as a guest.
Sirus 4: Evolving Quantum Door; The Omission of Mehen-Ptah; Evolving Quantum Door Working;Thoughts on 6 and 9; Transmissions: Orchids;The Quest to Remember; Sirius 5: Essence and Creation; Convocation of the Triumvirate;The Black Flame in Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Europe;The Function of Organic Life; Sirius 6: Pandemonium; e: Music and Setian Philosophy; Lux E Tenebris; On the Epic of Gigamesh; Impressions and Occurrences
Sirius Workings Volume I
The Sirius Workings are an annual simultaneous workings of the Order performed in conjunction with the Dog Days.  This book contains documentation and reflection of the first three years of such rites, including ritual texts, dream workings, inspired narratives, and philosophical explorations. Also contains ApophiSet 3's highly controversial "Statement of the Microcosm".
Table of Contents: Sirius Working 1 ; A Convergence of Three Forces (Sakaki 4) ;  Sirius Working 2 ;  The Visions of Ophidian ;  The Visions of Sobek-Ptah ;  The Visions of Sakaki ;  Visions of Nachtreisander ;
Closing Thoughts of the Arch-Physicist (Sakaki 4);  Celestial Fusion and Dog Star (Sakaki 4);  Goetic Rite of Beelzebub (Ophidian 2 and Sakaki 4) ;  Confluence and the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub (Ophidian 2) ;  Sirius Working 3 ;  An Ocean of Black Glass (Cadarn 2) ;  Transmission From The Prince of Darkness: Statement of the Microcosm (ApophiSet 3) ;  Some ERBETH TRANSMISSIONS (Sakaki 4) ;  Cosmic Dumping Ground
Room 69 ;  The 3rd Moon of the 18th Planet ;  XEPERU-2.3 (Ophidian 2)
Black Mass In Metropolis (CD)
On the auspicious occasion of June 6, 06 a small group of Black Magicians gathered together in a sprawling urban zone to perform Le Messe Noir - the Black Mass. For the occasion the representative called Sakaki 4 composed the music you find here, and these same sonics were utilized during the rite with great impact.

This collection of sonic wave forms, samples, and live tracks was constructed toward the goal of achieving an altered state of consciousness, and true sense of inner freedom. Like the Black Mass itself, it attempts to deprogram mental and physical oppression and mutation of 4000 years of cruel and pleasure-hating monotheism. Makes great background music for any Setian or Satanic ritual!
Track Listing: 1 Bacchanalia;  2 Invocation of Mystery ;  3 Elemental Summoning ;  4 Altar of Flesh ;  5 Introduction ;  6 Satanalia
to listen to samples of Black Mass in Metropolis at the Le Messe Noir Myspace Page
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