Literature of the Cosmonauts

Author Works

Here you will find an excellent selection of books published by initiates of the EOB, each with a unique perspective on the work of the Order and insight into the Aeon of Set and initiation.

Erbeth Transmissions is a deconstruction of some of the universes we live in." - Fritz Fredric "The absurdity of Robert Anton Wilson infused with the paranoia of Philip K. Dick and taunted with the vision of Wilhelm Reich." -- Ariel Jenway "A cosmo-demonic-space-opera-anthem for Generation X." -- Jarl Drakon Aeons ago, a cosmic race of beings stumbled upon a lonely planet that would one day be called Earth. Who were they? Angels? Demons? Reptilians? Mankind's benefactors? Or perhaps his oppressors? Where did intelligent life originate? Earth? The Moon? Mars? Or perhaps somewhere far beyond the boundaries of our Solar System? In the tradition of John Milton's Paradise Lost and Mark Twain's Letters from Earth; Erbeth Transmissions examines Man's apocryphal origins and extra-terrestrial connections, contrasting his evolutionary potential against his self-destructive nature and the despairing search for the meaning of his existence.

Are angels Ideal Models to be emulated? Is the purpose of man to become something greater than he already is? Can man be remade into an image of the divine? Do secret schools exist that teach the methods and philosophy for attaining this transformation? Daimonosophy addresses these and many other questions that strike to the core of what it means to be sentient. With strong ties to Gurdjieff, Reich, the Grimorum Verum and the Diabolocon, and mixed with powerful doses of futurism and psychedelic aesthetics, this work points the way to a deeper reality through both concepts and actions. Agree with the author or not, your view of the world will never be the same.

Part grimoire and part manifesto, The Black Ship presents the vision of the Pandemonium Mandala, teaches the lore of the emergent Daemonic race and is the blueprint for a culture based on Left-Hand Path principles. It begins with such basics as the invocation of the personal Daemon and new ways of consecrating working tools and personal space before exploring work with Ancestral spirits, the Mysteries of the Lesser and Greater Sabbats, the Sacrament of the Royal Blood of Chaos and the techniques of Transmogrification. It then explores the Daemonic rationale underlying new conceptions of politics, law and the evolutionary implications of space migration. Finally, The Black Ship concludes with a Chaosmological vision of this universe that both relates to and differs from ancient Gnostic teachings, with some new elements that may surprise. New edition with illustrations by Hagen von Tulien.

Black Horizons Perspectives presents the personal Initiatory ruminations and observations of Dr. Lloyd Keane, a Priest in the Temple of Set. This book provides the outlines for four perspectives that the author has applied, and continues to apply, to his Initiation along the Left Hand Path. While the book is framed in an overall Setian context it has been written for a wider audience interested in the processes of contemporary approaches to Left Hand Path Initiation.

Sirius Workings Series

This series of publications represent the work of the Order over time - anthologies chronicling the the work of the various individuals who count themselves among the “Cosmonauts.” Each volume features text and notes from each of the annual simultaneous Workings conducted by the Order, essays, journal excerpts, art work, experiments and various other items of interest to those who embrace the possibilities of psychecentric, conscious evolution.

Sirius Workings Vol. 3 covers the 2009 - 2012 ideas, experiments and adventures of the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub. Includes articles, essays, fiction, art and ceremonial workings of the Order's initiates. The Esoteric Order of Beelzebub is an Order of the Temple of Set whose mission is to Leverage Conscious Evolution, in the individual and in the human race. Featured Workings include Seven Steps to Creation, The World of Man, Invoking the Daimon, Hanbledzoin and Higher Emotional Center, Coins from Sagaciy, Visitation of the Daimonic Trinity, Nine Operative Methods of the Boar-Toothed Helm, and the legendary Ypsilon/Prague/Crossroads Working. Essays include The Principle of Aeffect, Mythomagical Musings, Animistic Materialism, Paths Toward Greater Self-Rulership, The Seven Christian Virtues and the Nine Daemons of Hell, The Art and Science of Daemonic Integration, Creating the Self, Zen and the Maintenance of Robots, The Daimonic Dialectics, The Black Heart Campaign, and much more.

Like Volume I, Sirius Workings Volume II covers a period of roughly three terrestrial years, and subsequently three annual workings of the EOB. These are the ‘Sirius Workings,’ occurring as annual Order functions, and perhaps constitute the closest thing we have resembling a ‘tradition’ despite the fact that they may vary in regard to length, function, structure, and other particulars. They are for the most part ‘simultaneous’ workings, meaning that the participants are geographically isolated from one another, momentarily connected only by synchronicity and mentation. There are some exceptions to this, as from time to time multiple Cosmonauts will find themselves together at the right place and time, or perhaps will invite non-Order members to participate in the workings as a guest.

Back to the where it all began - an Order of the Temple of Set approaching the work of initiation from the perspective of an esoteric school. The Sirius Workings Volume 1 documents the first three annual simultaneous workings conducted by the Order in conjunction with the Dog Days of Sirius. The aim of the EOB is toward the question of self-consciousness, in congruence with the Aeonic Word Xeper. To 'Come into Being' may be taken as 'to become conscious.' From the point of view of the EOB consciousness results only from an effort by the totality of one's being, to include not only one's thoughts, but as well one's feelings, sensations, and presence. Internal self-integration is a precondition for consciousness.