The S.E.T. Substance

by Sakaki

This question endears: who, or what, is Set? The mists of Mysterion enshroud this question. It perhaps has not as much to do with what we believe, as it does with how we decide to approach the question.

The Satan/Lucifer of the Diabolicon could be properly referred to as the Prince of Darkness. Recall that the word “Prince” is derived from the Latin “princeps”, meaning “first”, and since Lucifer is the first to receive the Unkown Celestial Fusion, this title would not be inappropriate. Set uses it as well, in reference to isolate existence.

Could Set actually function as the Intervening Agency behind the Unknown Celestial Fusion spoken of by Lucifer? A force existing in opposition to the centralized authority of the race of Angels? If so Lucifer would seem mostly unaware of it as it is given no mention in the Diabolicon. This also would require an even yet more liberal interpretation of the Book of Coming Forth By Night.

There may in fact be instances where it is more useful to anthropomorphize Set for the purposes of exposition. For instance when discussing our ideas with the uninitiated (who are likely to be more accustomed to traditional monotheistic and polytheistic terminology), personifying the deity may be effective for illustrating the key points of Setian philosophy, i.e. that man is unnaturally intelligent, and that this unnatural essence may be exercised toward individual growth and improvement. Also, in the more
abstract passages of BoCFbN, such as Set’s creation of HarWer, mythological personifications are perhaps more efficient. But for the most part, personification tends to lead away from precision.

As an exercise, one might try envisioning Set as a substance, rather than a sentient being – synonymous with the Black Flame, a material which, when combined with an already sufficiently developed being, accelerates psychecentric consciousness at a genetic level. In effect, Set is the Black Flame, or rather, the Black Flame personified and not at all unlike “the Sith” material described by RA EN SET in his fictional Star Wars inspired short story, The Dark Side. With these thoughts in mind, in connection with a Black Magical rite involving the ordination of a new Priestess of Set, I came to see the three primary aspects of the Black Flame identified in the Diabolicon – substance, energy, and purposefulness, when translated into the Greek, may reveal an encrypted correlation: S.E.T. = Substantia + Energia + Telos.

Substantia is Latin for “Substance”, which Miriam-Webster’s defines as: “essential nature”; or “ultimate reality that underlies all outward manifestations and change”. ‘Set’ is thus here viewed as being a literal substance, or essential material. Like the Black Flame, we have no problem imagining that such a thing might be passed along or shared with others, like water or any other type of fluid. However, it is an extremely fine substance, which nevertheless behaves like a material in that like so many other precious
substances there is a finite quantity of it in the universe. There is in fact only enough to sustain a minority of organisms, which is why the Left-Hand Path will always exist as an exclusive minority. Quite simply, there just isn’t enough 'substance' to go around.

Energia, or “energy,” energizes the beings with which is comes in contact. Like petrol added to an automobile it allows the receptor to move faster, or function at an accelerated level. How often have you heard initiates speak of feeling ‘energized’ as a result of intensive interaction with each other? This is merely a result of the energizing nature of S.E.T., as well as the material aspect, which allows it to be transferred between individuals much in the same way one Magician may pass along a graal of elixir to another. In fact, when we carry out such ceremonial movements, we are quite literally transmitting this fine energizing substance.

And finally, S.E.T. also partakes of Telos, a Greek word meaning “an ultimate end,” or “final purpose.”

This final component/element is what makes S.E.T. a non-natural substance, as it is a willful and directed purpose of the sort that has no function in the universe without a conscious mind to receive, identify and utilize it.

In the Diabolicon, Archdaimon Satan tells us: “And after uncounted ages of this great ferment, a force fused to focus that became God, and this force presumed to effect not the creation of substance and energy - for these transcended this God - but the conformation of all the Universe to a single and supreme order.” (Bold-type mine.)

Much like Franz Mesmer’s “Magnetic Fluid”, G.I. Gurdjieff’s “Hanbledzion”, Wilhelm Reich’s “Orgone”, Ouspensky’s “Influences C”, the “Chi” of Martial Arts, prana and “The Force” of the Star Wars universe, S.E.T. is most effectively conceived as a colorless, odorless, ethereal substance with a decidedly magnetic, perhaps even electric quality. It is often detected as a sensation running through the body as a result of certain meditative practices, or intense ceremonial experiences. Its presence is increasingly manifest in connection with heightened states of consciousness, higher emotional experiences, and certain sexual practices. The more time one spends directing their attention to it, the more manifestly it may be sensed and felt, as well as adeptly manipulated.

Such sensations are generally intensified by the presence of other people. In fact not only may it be felt, but also manipulated even directed from one organism to another by personal contact or oral tradition. This communicable aspect of S.E.T. is why so many esoteric systems of the past have emphasized the significance of oral tradition over ‘book learning’. When one receives knowledge
from others directly, the possibility exists also of receiving S.E.T. and thus its transformational qualities.

This is also why sensation, above feeling or thought, is the key to understanding and experiencing S.E.T., and why so many esoteric systems of the past have emphasized work with sensation. When one is still, quiet, relaxed and attentive to sensation within ones being, one may encounter the cosmic flow of the Sethian Current flowing through one’s structure. S.E.T. is experienced first through sensation. The heart may then feel it, and finally the mind may attempt to interpret the experience.

As the preceding incomplete list of historical precedents for a S.E.T. substance indicates, its existence has been suspected, if not outright comprehended and exploited for literally Aeons of human existence. However, since it is within the Aeon of Set that the specific connection between S.E.T. and the evolution of proto-man into modern man has been comprehended, it is very much a providence of the Aeon of Set. And as well, the nature and function of S.E.T. is an integral component to a broader comprehension of the Aeon.

Here then is an esoteric perspective regarding the existence of Set. There is no need to personify Set.. The S.E.T. of the Daimonosophic Model moves one step further, suggesting that Set might exist as an exclusively material substance. This is also a materialist perspective on the Aeon of Set, allowing all responsibility for the Aeon to fall back on the initiates of the Aeon themselves. Set as a personification of that Black Fire that charges initiation and conscious life itself.

Sakaki 4

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