Leveraging Conscious Evolution

The Esoteric Order of Beelzebub is an Order within the Temple of Set. It took form during the Dog Days of Summer in XXXVIII AES, revealing a unique and mulit-faceted approach to comprehending and connecting with the Black Flame. Here we will try to tell you a little about our mission, values, and formula by examining some key elements.

The Diabolicon, - a Daimonically influenced text received by Ra En Set in South Vietnam in 1970 - was a key source of inspiration in suggesting this unique approach to Setian initiation. The Diabolicon envisions a cosmos populated not by gods and goddesses, but by tangible races of higher beings and an energizing substance known as The Black Flame which eventually becomes the 'lever' for mankind's conscious evolution.

The Statement of Beelzebub, the second statement of the Diabolicon focuses on the ideas of essence, creative instance, and design. Beelzebub tastes of knowledge and recognizing the unbearable incompleteness of being, demands more. Thus Lucifer names him Lord of the Flies, that he may "goad the infant mind to restlessness and invention."

Beelzebub further whitnesses the Luciferian Exodus, where following the Great Seraphic War, the tribe of Daimons journey through the outer darkenss to establish a new society called Pandemonium.

Leveraging Conscious Evolution

is the mission of the EOB. This effort occurs on a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale simultaneously. As human beings we are at once individuals, and members of the Aristotilean class of all humans. Serious self-work indeed begins with the aim of leveraging consciousness withinourselves, and it is to this aim that we consistently return. Yet In so doing we further increase the possibility for consciousness to occur for humanity as a whole. It is a wonderful paradox that by focusing on the self, you can become a source of good for humanity.

In harmony with the core principles of Setian Philosophy each 'Cosmonaut' of EOB carves out a unique initiatory path, and in so doing expands and energizes the broader network in which they move. We are a confederation of producers and innovators - artists, writers, musicians, technologists, agriculturalists and industrialists - connecting our magic to the real world and growing together in a mutually reciprocal concert of exchange. Contributions within the Circle have value only because of each Cosmonaut's work and connection in life.




These essential values emerge from the Statement of Beelzebub. Initiates of EOB tend to prefer working independently, celebrating inspiration, and championing invention as even a cursory perusal of this website will demonstrate. Orbiting the central 'I' of the individual, they fuel and feed each other as well as the self, leading to the divine act of creation.

The Statement of Beelzebub

I Beelzebub, now bring greeting to man, for he is my admiration and inspiration. Hear now the histories of Hell, Earth, and Heaven, for in past shall be found guide to future.

In the divine realm was I of company to ArchAngel Lucifer next only to ArchAngel Michael, and as ArchAngel Masleh would be to God, so I desired to be to Lucifer. But the Lord of Light admonished me, saying, Lose not thyself in the Will of Lucifer, for I am not God and will offer thee no blissful nirvana - Witness now the nature of the mind that dwells within me.

And he spoke to me of essence, and of creative instance, and of design according to impulse and not law. And in my confusion I answered, Then I must consider myself incomplete, for thou has shown me things which I cannot easily comprehend. But I would hear more of this Will, for it doth seem a radical element, of neither divine nor chaotic origin.

And Lucifer answered, Thou who knew not independence of Will shall now be the first to realize these qualities apart from my own self. And thy response forebodes much, for, had thou rejected concept of challenge, I should have held my own thought for impossible delusion. But as thou, tasting of knowledge, demand more, I shall name thee Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, for thou shalt goad the infant mind to restlessness and invention.